Saturday, September 4, 2010

Conversations with my Elf: Facepalm


  1. You know, this is going to stick in my head from here on out.

    Friend: "blah blah blah facebook"
    My Brain: "book smacks face"
    Me: "snicker"
    Friend: "That wasn't a joke.....?"

    Also I am posting as anonymous because the last time someone did that there was much drama as you tried to figure out who it might be.


  2. Does typoes really have an "e" on the end? Or was that a whiteboard typo?

    ...Something to ponder in future conversations with your elf.


  3. Oh, Victoria, you are right. "Typoes" is a typo. Er, can I pretend it was intentional? Please?

    Oh, and are you actually anonymous? Because I think you are. And if you're not, WHO IS? ARGH!!