Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Day of Summer at Humber River

In honour of my new camera, my blog has been transformed into a photo blog. All these photos were taken at the Humber River in Toronto, ON. Since the consensus is that a picture are worth a thousand words, and I have significantly more than one photo up, I'll keep the actual words on the brief side. Hope you enjoy!

Do not try to bend the spoon. There is no spoon. It's an elephant, right? Right?


It's so easy to forget that this still exists so nearby sometimes.

Flowers doing as flowers do.

Why did I take pictures of ducks, you ask? I thought it was funny how the two of them started bathing at the exact same time. Why did I find it post-worthy? Patience. The answer lies in the next photo.

So after taking the last photo, I look over at all the other ducks and realize they are all cleaning themselves, too! Weird, huh? What?! You're not nearly as enthralled by this as I clearly am? But the the same.... fine. Next photo.

A duck, mid-flight...

I promise I was on the right side of the fence. (Above it doesn't count right?)

Okay. I had to include this one because it was so very creepy. Looks like an albino vampire goose-bat in a tree-coffin, waiting for night, vhen it vill emerge to drink your blood...

A tree, like life....a tangle of entwined branches...and therein lies its beauty.

Sometimes you just have to keep going. Even if you feel like something's just a little off-kilter.

When you're between a rock and a place of watery death, cling to the rock and drink of the water. (I'm getting all kinds of wisdom from nature today.)

The small Blue Heron that I set out to find and- much to my surprise-actually found was.....not so blue. Still, beautiful and regal, the Heron stood upon its stone throne as even the surrounding murky water shone under the sun's fond gaze.

Not far away from the Heron (which I, fun fact, first saw with my grandfather when I was a child, and thought it was a pelican)....was a seagull who had more Heron-y visions of life.

Admittedly, I went a little trigger happy, but with such a graceful creature held in my camera's eye, can you blame me?

Oh, angelic bird of my youth and memories....why are you white and not blue?!

It found a great fishing spot, where I think it had more luck than the human families nearby.

The murky water, minus the Heron-within lies danger and mystery.

Taking a dip.

Breaking point. Almost.

*Quasi-evil laugh* You thought the comments were always for the photo above it, didn't you?I'm changing it up for the next two photos with this random comment. Are we trees or are we dancers?

Slow dancing...

Ballet....Or possibly hip-hop?

Tai chi is very popular with the tree-people these days.

It was so serene and picturesque, nature itself seemed to pose. Almost all photos were taken on auto since I haven't quite figured out all the features but with any luck, my skills and photos will only improve. Hope you enjoyed! Comments always welcome!

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